28 November, 2013

Planning for Mississippi and Caribbean Trip

Map from Wikipedia
This blog is where we hope to document our forthcoming visit to the USA and the Caribbean, subject to good internet access, of course! We leave Australia on 20 December, we'll spend Christmas in Chicago (brrr!) then will set out on a rental car drive down the Mississippi River from north to south. It's winter, so we won't attempt to get to the source in Itasca MN, but we will start somewhere north of Minneapolis.
Map from Google with pins in our intended destinations.
A month later, if all goes to plan, we will arrive in New Orleans LA. Then, from Miami FL we will set off on an island hopping tour of the Caribbean, roughly 1 week in each of 6 nations.
Cristo St, Old San Juan. Image by Angel Janer
We return to Australia in late March, just inside the 90 day deadline on our US visas with a comfortable safety margin. Time spent in the Caribbean counts as part of your stay, as far as US Immigration Law is concerned. This is designed to prevent visitors seeking to extend their stay by ducking out to "outlying islands", as well as Canada and Mexico.