15 September, 2019

North of the Border...

Cloggers in Canada are having their first ever National Convention, and we, among a whole bunch of Aussies, have decided to attend. It's in the Toronto, Ontario suburb of Waterloo, and, travelling so far, it makes sense for us to wrap a longer holiday around the Convention weekend.

Promotional image for the first Canadian National Clogging Convention

We'll hang around Ontario to overcome our jet-lag, and visit a few friends. After the Convention, we plan to cross the country on The Canadian, changing to the touristy Rocky Mountaineer at Jasper for the scenic crossing of the Rocky Mountains to Vancouver.

Promotional image of The Canadian cross-continental train

Map showing our intended train journeys, Toronto to Vancouver

Promotional image of the Rocky Mountaineer train

From Winnipeg, Manitoba, we'll fly to Churchill on Baffin Bay to look for polar bears. We'll be staying in a National Geographic Lodge out of Churchill. Let's hope global warming hasn't driven the bears to search for better ice floes!

When all this is done, we'll come home via San Francisco.